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Blog • Dec 28 2016

Looking Forward to 2017

If film has taught us anything at all, it is that any year after 2010 will be full of hoverboards, meals in tablet form and holographic representations of dinosaurs in theme parks that are obviously safe. With 2017 on the horizon we thought we would look at films that were set – or had elements set – in the futuristic world of 2017.

First up is Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. In the epilogue segment we can easily note that wizards living in the future have managed to avoid their railways being nationalised and still use the carbon unfriendly option of steam travel and manage to avoid commuter issues by continuing to use their secret platform at Kings Cross. All in all bit of the same old same old in the wizarding world of Harry Potter.

On the other end of the spectrum is the undeniable classic * Barb Wire. Yep, the film that saw Pamela Anderson step out of the red swimsuit and into dominatrix gear in a post-apocalyptic future. With an oddball cast and some curious fashion choices, we are introduced to grimy world in this semi-remake of Casablanca. Astounding really that when Casablanca was remade, it starred Pamela Anderson as a stripper/bounty hunter. Here’s not necessarily looking at you, kid. Somewhat surprisingly Barb Wire isn’t too wide of the mark with its version of 2017. Tyrants in control (Donald Trump), Retinal Scanning for ID purposes and fat men in JCB buckets. Well maybe not that last one… unless you count that American show where there ‘rescued’ the obese man from his house by tearing down a wall?

Arnie managed to have two versions of 2017 under his belt. Terminator Genisys may be the weakest instalment in the series, but the depiction of 2017 is reasonable enough in the shadow of Trump and Putin, as well as with unmanned drones and Google’s driverless cars as the new date for Judgement Day is moved back two decades to August 28th 2017, which will stop me reaching my 37th birthday and save me the humiliation of pronouncing quinoa incorrectly at my party. Thanks Skynet and your army of killer robots!

The *other* Arnie film is even closer to reality with its depiction of a smash hit reality TV show that humiliates its contestants in the most horrific of ways. No not Big Brother 2017, this is The Running Man and everyone’s favourite Austrian muscleman is on the screen murderising the merry band of popular killers tasked with killing the ‘criminals’ that the show focuses on. Who would have thought that a film produced thirty years ago – and loosely based on a short story by Stephen King – would hit the nail on the head so accurately?

Melanie Griffith and David Andrews star in Cherry 2000 with Melanie Griffith starring as the titular sexbot who malfunctions. Not much to say here really, while also keeping things family friendly, but I think we can all agree that with internet purchasing and brown paper parcels, Cherry 2000 was also eerily prophetic. Heck, look at Spike Jonze’s Her, a simply variation on the theme.

So as I sit here now at the end of the year 2016, a year that will live on in infamy as the year that THOUSANDS of celebrities and decent folk died, I feel 2017 has nothing but greatness ahead. What could possibly ruin it? Nothing I dare say…

Oh… Oh no…


2017 saw Adam Sandler become miserable, obese and semi-naked in Click when he ‘fast-forwarded’ through his life. Knowing that Adam Sandler is going to be around, and a ’round’.

Stop the world, I want to get off.

So 2017 may not be the glistening jewel I hoped. We will see…

*not a classic

Blog • Nov 10 2016

The Gunfighter

We Love this short film.


Rated 15


Employment • Oct 06 2016

Staff Needed

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Part Time staff needed. If you like to work with a great team in good environment. Please email us with a CV attached to We will get back to you very shortly afterwards with all the details.