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Premier seats = £8.50 

Standard Price = £6.00 

Standard Price concession ( Children 14 and under, over 60’s) = £5.00 

Students…(NUS card Must be shown to receive discount) = £5.00

Family Ticket = £15 for 4 people, whether 2 adults and 2 children (14 and under) or 1 adult and 3 children

The management reserve the right to withdraw this offer at any time without any given notice.

Live/Events Cinema Prices Vary. Please See Relevant Film Listings For Details.



The Luxe Cinema is a stylish & independent, film-lovers delight offering a whole new experience for movie moguls.

The eclectic interior of the auditorium offers a luxurious atmosphere, where one can cosy up and relax on either a leather armchair or two-seater sofa.

The sophisticated LUXE LOUNGE will provide an ambient setting for enjoying pre and post-film drinks and nibbles with a difference in our elegant fully licensed bar.

We look forward to seeing you!

Autism/Sensory Friendly Screenings

At The Luxe we pride ourselves on providing great experiences for our local community and this year we started screening Autism/Sensory Friendly versions of popular films such as Inside Out, A Christmas Star and Minions. For these special screenings we ensure that the entire building is set up to be as relaxing and calm as possible for all visiting families and carers.

These screenings are held at a time when the building is quieter and allows families to see a film in a compassionate and relaxing fashion, without fear of judgement. We strive to provide our visitors with the best of experiences and because we are a small single screen cinema it allows us to screen our Autism Friendly films in an environment that can be controlled very carefully, and the following changes to our usual set up are made:

Lights in Auditorium are not changed from the setting they are on when patrons arrive. These are on a medium to low setting but allow for the auditorium to be lit and safe if anyone fancies a little walk around during the film.

Usually we have allocated seating, but in these screenings we relax this policy and allow people to move around to other seats if the need arises. Many families now have a favourite area to sit in so it works quite well.

The volume is set to a lower level than usual, reducing the loud bangs that can be found in some films.

There are no trailers or adverts screened before the feature. This is to reduce any anxiety due to the understood film not being on screen. In instances where the feature is accompanied by a short animated film (often with Disney films) we advertise this early on and can provide information about these, including timings, as required.

For each film we are also able to email out a BBFC fact sheet that will cover any subjects that may cause concern. These will allow you to make sure that a film is suitable for you all.

The lounge bar is also carefully controlled in that we turn off the usual ambient music and advertisement screens to create a relaxed quiet zone. Cinema staff are on hand throughout and are all understanding of any needs and requirements. If patrons want to have a little walk around, this is encouraged, and we are happy to answer any questions if and when they pop up.

We also operate a ‘Fast Track’ ticket system for these screenings to cut down on waiting around, and any tickets booked in advance will be printed ready for your arrival.

Some families requested a ‘tour’ of the building ahead of the screening and we are more than happy to provide this, but ask politely that you arrive early enough for us to do this in a relaxed manner.

For more information feel free to contact us via the contact form HERE, we want to remove as many barriers that families face when planning a day out as possible and are always happy to discuss your needs or concerns.